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  1. Brew club for Boksburg

    Hi, My name is Johann. I am a craft brewer from Boksburg Gauteng.
    People interested to join the Valkyrie Brew Club is welcome to get in contact with me for more information.
    The aim is to form a club where we can brew, learn and share good times and good beer.
  2. Gelatin Fining

    One of my biggest issues with my brew was that I never got the clarity that I wanted. My beers tended to be on the line between hazy and cloudy.

    So, after hearing the Brulosophy episode about gelatin fining, I read the article but I did not follow the steps, so the results were not very impressive.

    So I tried it again, following the steps that I listed below. The results were a beer that was clear to brilliant! I was very very impressed.

    For this you will ...

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  3. Carbonating my keg

    Hi all well seasoned brewers
    Sorry if this has been dealt with before >but can someone please give me a bit of info on carbonating my new keg (new for me ) .
    I want to find out what to set the pressure at in the keg, how long to leave the co2 bottle tap open as i can hear a small amount off gas coming from the regulator pressure release hole and don't want to wast to much co2 . At the moment I have the keg under 3 bar off pressure and did vent out all the air (as well as i could ...
  4. Notes regarding Brewdog's DIY Dog

    For the past few years Brewdog has released a list of all of their recipes. You can download the latest version here:

    And as exciting as it was, one quickly learns that their malt descriptions are different from what we are used to. Another thing is that there are some small mistakes in the recipes, and for some of them most of the info is missing (like how long the beer was aged in what kind of white wine barrel).

    So, this is my online ...

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  5. List of all the homebrew shops in SA

    This is a list of all the home brew shops in SA!
    If I missed anything, please comment and I will edit the list.

    Free State



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