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    Don't think that is going to work too good. Your mash is going to suffer terribly with temperature swings as I don't think a stc1000 is a PID controller.

    atunguyd 15th November 2019, 23:51 Go to last post

    Irish red ale BIAB

    1049 it is. Just boiled it and poured it! Now the wait begins again.

    And my blondes have run out!

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    jannieverjaar 15th November 2019, 16:18 Go to last post


    yup - i'll run my GF till it's dead before i replace it. even then it's pretty easy to change the pump and hack an element in. but if i do, it will be

    groenspookasem 15th November 2019, 13:49 Go to last post


    check out github - there's a project for it for all to see

    groenspookasem 15th November 2019, 13:43 Go to last post


    Nice. No clue what you are talking about. But I guess in essence the RPi on your urn allows you to delay start and then ramp up and down temps etc?

    Langchop 15th November 2019, 13:42 Go to last post