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    What are you brewing?

    I agree. I haven't seen other terms used.

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    What are you brewing?

    Well, in that case I would suggest you make it a habit to use the same tongue that just about EVERY brewer uses ...

    S.G = Specific gravity

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    Edd The Brew

    What are you brewing?

    How Do Jigsaw ,
    It`s a force of habit when I`m talking about technical aspects to use brewer`s speak ,


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    American blonde BIAB

    No temp control guarantees unreliable results in both mash and fermentation.

    When you have those two fundamentals dialed in, then you've

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    American blonde BIAB

    I reckon of all the things that are mentioned, two stand out when it comes to brewing reliably:

    - reasonable mash temp control
    - fermentation

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