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    First brew: Brewing a severely "expired" kit

    OK so I slept on it. I want my first beer to be a success - definitely. If it's not, it's going to put me and everyone who's to taste it, off. I'm

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    Beer pics

    Porter with some roasted barley not bad at all

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    brew pump

    They run off normal ac just hook up and plug in.
    Flow rate is same as march and chugger pumps at 28 liters per minute.

    Go look at

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    brew pump

    Thanks Bigfoot. Must say I am kind of seriously consider the diswasher pump option. Read another topic about similar looking pump than yours (B111-P).

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    brew pump

    Go ac and get yourself those universal dishwasher pumps i mention earlier in this topic.
    They sell around R 350 at Tecsa. Part no E117M

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