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    Random small questions

    At one stage I just coughed up and paid for a proper IC, but I have always wondered about the option of a straight 'there and back' jacket CF cooler from

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    Random small questions

    I think if you look on the SouthYeasters page you'll find a video on how to make a CFC from our meeting in Feb. It not, email committee@southyeasters.co.za

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    Random small questions

    Iv got an immersion chiller I would be willing to part with to help fund my grain basket! If you are in CPT you are welcome to PM me


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    Beginner brew advice

    Remove airlock ....

    Remove lid and cover opening with "cling-wrap" .... replace lid.

    Wash and store airlock for next

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    Random small questions

    A DIY one could be had for under R500 ... Plenty of YouTube videos available on how to go about this

    Was going to go this route

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