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    Website up and running

    So this site is no longer up and running and as far as I know there is no supply shop in PE so I take it there is no active club either. Any PE homebrewers

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    Random small questions

    Thanks! His calculator is one of the ones I used. Gives me 5.1% ABV, which is what I would expect

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    Hi All

    So I got a upgrade to my system this weekend so I don't have any space for this fridge any more.

    Seeing as it was being

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    Random small questions

    A refractometer struggles to read the correct FG:

    Refractometers and Alcohol:
    In the presence of alcohol, refractometer measurements

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    Random small questions

    When using a refractometer to measure OG and FG, which calculator/table would you guys recommend to calculate ABV? Brewers' Friend, Northern Brewer, Sean

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