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    Lambic start

    A bit hard to capture the funkiness through the glass on cam.

    Blowoff tube runs into 9L of iodophor.

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    Lambic start

    Ok, just a question on the brett pelic thing a majik....
    it formed nicely, with a few hard bubbles and spiderweb thingies. I then moved the glass

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    Sterilizer Concentration advice required please

    Miltons are horrible for beer. Its a form of bleach, and chemically reacts to the phenols created by the yeast. Think of the smell of elastoplast. Now

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    what are you brewing?

    Just finished brewing a Schwarzbier for a St Patrick's day party. Great smells of choc and roasted malts, check out the heavy thick hot break on this

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    Micro brewery license

    "Apparently you have to use a lawyer to assist, and the costs with this was around R15k for the application alone. On top of that, the yearly renewal

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