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    OK - So to add to the conversation, my understanding;
    * Mash Efficiency = how much of the potential sugars did you get out of the malt
    * Brewhouse Efficiency = how much of the potential sugars in the malt did you get into a package (keg/bottle)

    Mash Efficiency looks purely at how well you convert the starches in the malt and extract as sugar into your wort. It is the measure of amount achieved / total potentially available and is a specific focus on how well you perform the Crush, Mash and Sparge part of your process.

    Brewhouse Efficiency looks at how much of the potential in you malt makes it into your final beer. In this case losses in your brewing process as well as mash efficiency affect your BH efficiency. It's important here as it covers all aspects of wastage and you need to understand all the places that you could be losing sugars - either to reduce it or use it making your calculations more accurate.

    One of my pet peeves is that BeerSmith (and I'm sure other) programmes ask you to enter BH efficiency as a starting point and you have to reverse engineer Mash Efficiency when it makes more sense to work it out the other way round. If I change my volumes for a batch, my mash efficiency doesn't change (much) but my BH efficiency does (as my absolute losses don't change, but their % of the total does).

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    +1 as nicely explained here by Dan ... this is exactly how I setup my software and it working perfect for my setup

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    Thanks for the explanations guys! Think I'll start looking at other calculators in the future so I can maybe get more accurate descriptions of my numbers for myself then. To date I have used exclusively the BrewersFriend Brewhouse Efficiency calculator, and used those numbers.

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