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    Yeah should be interesting. I pitched US-05 and Whitelabs Belgian Sour Mix 1 together.

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    Thanks for all the input guys! I'm really keen to try out everything that has been mentioned here. I really think if SA is going to produce its own distinctive regional beer that sorghum is going to be a key ingredient to that. I'm pleasantly surprised to see that it's relatively inexpensive in comparison so other grains so here's to lots of experimentation!

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    Sorry I did not see this earlier. Sorghum have a high gelstinizing temp. In the 80s. That is why umkhomboti mash is boiled.

    There are 2 scientific articles that describe sorghum mashes, if you seach on here you might find a post by me with the authors.

    In short, mash sorghum at 55, draw off wort. Boil grist. Mash again at 66 to 68 with first runnings and a bit of fresh malt. The first runnings will have enzymes and give a bit more malt feel. Sorghum does have a uniqe taste, spesiality malts and hops does not always balance it.

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