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    Kegging equipment sale

    I have the following available, if interested we can chat prices, etc.

    3 x 19L pin lock corny kegs
    1 x CO2 regulator
    1 x 5kg CO2 bottle (converted fire extinguisher incl. valve replacement)
    2 x picnic taps with beer and gas lines
    2 x pin lock gas disconnects
    2 x pin lock beer disconnects
    1 x hand capper
    1 x 50L keggle incl. SS ball valve

    I am situated in the Cape Winelands.


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    Are you willing to split it up? If so, I'm interested in the co2 cylinder and 1x keg

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    Hi Trucker.
    I know is't a bit down the road from your OP but is this equipment still available?

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