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    Stellenbosch brewery beers

    So I got a stellies 4 pack and wanted to review them but didn't record my notes so these are just general observations.
    I had the:
    Hoenderhok bock
    Born free pale ale
    Bosh Weis
    Eike Stout

    The first three were cloudy. All of them. With the stout it doesn't matter. But I didn't expect it on the pale ale.
    I don't much like the Weis style so I won't comment on it but the other 3 were all drinkable. Nothing special.
    The stout even tasted very tame. Which I didn't expect with that head. It wasn't overly fizzy but those bubbles just wouldn't pop.
    The bock didn't have an alc smell and was rather enjoyable.

    I wont be buying these again.
    Maybe some of their other brews are more my speed.

    Anyway just some notes from a novice brewer and a terrible beer taster


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    ^ That's not beer .. that's a glass of foam which in turn will turn into flat beer?

    but thanks for the update ... you've convinced me to stay with my motto .... DON'T buy bottled craft beer
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    Considering what that bottle of foam costs you have a good point

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    Slightly surprised, I know Stellies to be very good. Maybe drop Bruce an email, I'm sure he will be more than happy to engage and get feedback.

    I think it's really important that we give our feedback to all breweries, wineries, restaurant, etc. Craft or Macro. Customer feedback is one of the best ways to improve product.

    DM me if you need contact details.

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    Will do. I'm not around the corner so it might just be old beer. Spot on about the feedback

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    Had a lekker chat with Paul. He even offered to send replacements up using speed freight. Really cool guy. Thanks for his details Cam.
    Will go check them out if I'm down in that part of the world again

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