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    American blonde BIAB

    Ok so today I brew my second all grain using Groen spooks recipe with some tweaks. I'm not as big of a hop head as he is.
    Had some load shedding issues but I'm ready to brew.
    The pic attached is the plan and my goal today is to get as close as possible with my kit to executing that plan flawlessly.
    In short I need to establish what me and my system are capable of.
    I'll update you after pitching

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    Nice one

    PS: Is that a concrete floor? ... Just be careful if it is ... I've heard rumours that the downward heat produced by those type of burners, could make the concrete explode

    I think I posted pics here years ago, but dont ask me where
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    Those are large tiles. But I don't know if their clay or cement based. Hopefully the former.

    Setup and cleanup is still a big pain.

    I also underestimated the trub loss in the kettle. 2.2l must be coz I don't chill.

    Undershot my gravity significantly. I think I killed some of the enzymes upfront.
    Last time I brewed outside and it was a constant battle to keep temps up. So today I brewed in the lapa. And decided to preheat the water to 73 not 71. That was way to hot and caused my wort to sit at 71c for the first 10min of the steep.
    Og of recipe 1050
    Measured 1042

    Only did a 30min boil.
    It almost felt rushed getting the hops and finnings. But I much prefer it to the 60min boil. Huge saving on the LPG. I didn't measure gas cost but the grain, hops and finnings for this recipe were R240 and that using Best malt not SAB. That's R5.5 per hlaf liter its cheaper then buying a bottle of water and if I didn't screw up to bad this should be a great beer.

    Estimated alc of 4.2% at this point which is actually great for me.

    Now we wait. Beer is still at 40C. Will pitch either tonight or tomorrow morning


    I'm here to learn so please help me out if you think I'm missing something

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    If you measured OG at 40c,then you're sitting on 1.048 hydrometer temp adjusted. Good one!

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    I think you were safe wrt enzymes at that temp. Worst case it will be slightly fuller bodied than planned. I am sure it will be good.
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    I really hope your both right. I tried cooling the wort before measuring but my only temp probe is the one on the stc1000 and with all the load shedding at that point I was flying blind. I'll check again tomorrow.

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    Btw Spook good call on the Nelson. What a hop! Smells great. I also got to taste a Nelson Amarillo saison when I was picking up my supplies for this blond. Great beer and great hop combo the flavors are really bright!

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    So far so good. Pitched after sundown yesterday. This morning at 7 there they are. Nice and vigorous fermentation and the smell is amazing.

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    71 deg C is fine for a full bodied blonde............

    If you prefer skinny blondes, rather do 64 degrees next time.

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    And one of our best investments EVER was an auto temp correction refractometer.

    Hydrometers are for cave men.

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