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    Yeast propagation : Long term base solution storage

    Hi gents,

    I've a whack ton of liquid and dried yeasts in my kegerator, a stir plate and some time to kill. I've been wondering, can I cook up a batch of DME and cold-store it, for grabbing some to propagate my yeast when needed. What's the downside to keeping unhopped boiled DME and store it at 4C for a longish time?

    The alternate to DME is to mash some pale ale grains and store in a similar fashion (1.040ish OG), DME is pretty grim tasting, although I'd only use it to multiply the yeasty boys. It's pita to boil up and chill 2L at a time for propagation. Who buys 2x packets of 34/70 when one is enough when propagated and potentially split for future use.

    Clean, sterilize and sanitize being the mantra of the day.

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    I don't think there is a massive risk if done right. Sterilise your jars (already cleaned and sanitised) in pressure cooker, boil your DME, fill jars, and if you really want to be extra safe, then put the filled jars in pressure cooker again as per normal canning procedures. Not sure I'd do this without a pressure cooker though. Downside is the cost of canning jars. Not sure I'd use any other container for this.

    I never buy more than one packet of any strain - liquid or dry. I don't see it as buying the right amount of yeast for the brew but rather as buying the strain. Then propagate to the required cell count.

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    If it's an option for you - I mash and boil up a batch of pale malt to 1.080, then freeze in 750ml PET bottles. Defrost one, dilute 1:1 and boil in your Flask, cool and propagate.
    Kudos to Nick Reed for the idea

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    I like that idea, how long do you keep the frozen malt? I'd go 1l 1:1, semantics. Pity I have an induction hob, guess a camp style burner should do the trick?

    Cheers Camsaway!

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    I've had some for 6 months with no obvious problem.

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    Mint, which 2L PETs are you using? I can already hear my missus being rarked up with 20L frozen malt in the fridge :-D

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    I went to the local plastics store and bought a bunch of small ones - cost about R2 ea.

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