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    DIY conicle fermenter

    Hi All,

    I would like to consider putting together my own DIY plastic conicle fermenter.

    Has anyone done this? How did it go?
    Any tips on where I can get suitable vessel as a starting point?



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    I think it depends on the size you are looking for. the smallest that distillique sells is 200l at R4800 which includes a frame.

    Pioneer plastics also lists it on their website, smallest is 80l. Am sure there are other plastic manufacturers that also produce these.

    Biggest issue with these for home brewers are probably size and temperature control but with a bit of creativity this could probably be solved. Maybe in the winter you've got a cold spot and you could get away with doing an ale with some heating belts. Otherwise, without a massive fridge, maybe brew some Kveik in the summer.

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    Thanks for the input


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