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    Electronics For Sale

    Good Day AllI still have loads of electronics from available that I need to sell. Currently taking up space. Can be sold per unit or everything can be taken at once. Please make me an offer. Currently worth R15000 if bought and imported.LED light Blue 240V 27LED light red 240V 28LED light yellow 240v 24LED light green 240v 26Flashing Buzzer 240V 16 Selector switch 2 position 11Selector switch 3 position 26Selector switch 3 position 19Selector switch 3 position 35Push button switch Green 24Push button switch Red 18 Illuminated switch Blue 3Illuminated switch yellow 4illuminated switch white 5 Illuminated switch yellow 3Illuminated switch white 5Illuminated switch green 3Illuminated switch blue 3 30 Amp 2-pole breaker 225 Amp 2-pole breaker 1
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