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    Olive oil for yeast health!

    Ok Boys hold on to your hats. While I was researching off flavors I found this! Is see it's from 2015 so its nothing new. And some of you might have some experience it was really interesting to me.

    No need to aerate if you can just add the unsaturated fats the yeast need.

    Would love to hear your experience with this

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    Yip, read it back in the day & I'm sure I posted it here ... well, if not here on some other brewing forum then
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    Quote Originally Posted by jannieverjaar View Post
    Ok Boys hold on to your hats.
    Yes, hold on to your hats. This research was done by one brewery, and there were a lot of other problems found with the process.

    I can't remember the source, but they were saying that plain old aeration is best.

    Some extra reading:
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    I tried finding an exbeeriment either confirming or denying it but couldn't. Ended up being too good to be true. Would have been great though!

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