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Thread: Dry hopping

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    There is not set right or wrong way, it all depends on your setup and what works for you.

    I rack to a secondary fermentor after primary fermentation is completed. Once secondary fermentation is complete I bottle using a brew bottler attached to the tap of the secondary fermentor.
    The amount of trub at the bottem of primary fermentor is past the level of the tap (actually I do not have a tap on primary anymore, just a stop plug) so I need to siphon to a secondary. Hops is added to secondary, no bag just thrown in.
    When I used to do extract before going to all grain I bottled from the primary and also just threw hops into fermentor, there was very little trub which allowed bottling from the primary.

    I have found that with high amounts of hops, when dry hopping i.e. 80g plus, you tend to lose the last 0.5 - 1 litre of beer as the hop waste blocks the tap. This can obvoiusly be solved by using a hop bag, but I feel that you get more hop flavour/ aroma without the use of a bag. Ok I can ofset this by using more dry hops, but I am happy with the small amount of beer wasted.
    I agree 100% with BeerHolic. I don't transfer to secondary though, but since I use the auto syphon anyway, I don't bother with hop bags when dry hopping. Most of my brew ends up in the keg so there is only about 6 or 8 bottles in the end.

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    Thanks guys! I will sleep on it a bit!

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