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Thread: Clearout Brews

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    Quote Originally Posted by JIGSAW View Post
    You mean .002-.003 Gravity points? .....

    1 brix point = 4 gravity point
    you know what i mean

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    Quote Originally Posted by groenspookasem View Post
    I've been ignoring efficiency, 1kg fermentable malt = 1.010 points. I'm usually 1.002 or 1.003 brix points out if I'm out, otherwise on the numbers. I don't really care for such small margins too much.

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    You have piqued my curiosity now you need to explain! I initially assumed the typical 36ish PPG of grain converted to your number at 10 PkgL, but it doesn't. So is this where that comes from?.....

    Ave grain potential 36 p/p/g x 8.316 =299.4p/kg/L
    20l batch size =15p/kg
    X 67% eff =10p/kg

    For me
    15l batch size=20p/kg
    X 50% eff = 10p/kg (conveniently and coincidentally works out the same-i like nice round metric numbers)
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    No need too overthink it too much, if your base malt is good and you know your gear then not much to worry about.

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