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    What should I buy next?

    I currently have a BIAB set up with a 50l urn and I want to upgrade as economically as possible. I'm thinking temp controler/heat belt or a wort pump or refractometer might be good but I dont know if any one of those things will make enough of an impact to be worth it seeing as I'm making OK beer as it is. Kegging would be great but it will have to be a donation at this point.
    What should I get next? To make a serious impact in the time, quantity or quality of my beer?

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    If you dont have one yet, I'd say a temp controlled fermentation chamber. Bit costly, but scour the web for used fridges, add the stc1000, a heatpad and you're good to go

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    I agree with Spook. The whole shebang is probably more than you had in mind, but the chamber could make your 'OK' beers into great beers.
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    Agree, the fermentation chamber is the way to go, if you do not have the funds rather save till you have enough.
    Before I had a fermentation chamber regulating the temp was difficult and somewhat work intensive and even then I still had temp fluctuations. More precise temp control will improve beer quality.
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    +1 on what others are saying.

    You're already brewing good beer with your BIAB setup .... next step is to have perfect fermentation at a set temperature

    All the other stuff you mentioned is just "nice to have's"
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    It has all been said.

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    Thank you all. I plan to make a basic fermentation chamber out of wood. Temp controler on the way from Wish. Will post once I'm fully up and running, it might take awhile because its wish.

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    check out bob, i saw some stc1000's going for cheap, polystyrene is a good insulator and cheap too.

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    R300 for both

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    Sweet !! How do you plan to put it all together? I want another stc for my kegerator, I dont trust the temps, havent had an issue, but feel my brews can be colder, or more precisely colder :-D

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