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    Advice with recipe

    Hi everyone

    I am in the mood to brew this weekend, but I only have about 3 kg of Vienna and 3 kg of munich malt left.

    It is my understanding that both of these are considered base malts, so a 50/50 batch should be fine, shouldn't it?

    I have a crapload of different hops, so I can even play around with a nice hoppy beer.

    Has anyone ever gone 50/50 on these malts before?


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    Vienna is great. It'll do great in a 50/50 relationship with another malt, like Munich. I think the two would go great together. Would make for a great darker, malty beer if you ask me. I'd go easier on the hops to let the Vienna come through. Saaz hop if you have would be great.

    But that's just my opinion.

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    Perfect. Thanks Toxxyc. I actually have a sealed bag of Saaz in the deep freeze.

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    No reason why it shouldn't work out to a good beer. I would use all of the Vienna and then just the amount of Munich required to get to your density & volume. Just my view, not sure what your capacities are.

    +1 for the noble hops
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    Agree with Mr Langchop, vienna base and some Munich, I'd go for a pilsner to shine the malt or a fruity ipa

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    50/50 Munich&Vienna, 10-15 % Caramunich II or III, 34/70 and noble hops and you have Munich Dunkel. Aim for 1.050 OG 25 IBU 30 EBC.
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    Also a good plan, anything under 30 IBU is just not beer...I like hops

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    Thanks guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harhm View Post
    50/50 Munich&Vienna, 10-15 % Caramunich II or III, 34/70 and noble hops and you have Munich Dunkel. Aim for 1.050 OG 25 IBU 30 EBC.
    This ... Just enough hops at 60min to get the IBU's and thats it ... NO late additions

    Saaz, Liberty or Hallertauer should all work.
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    I love Munich, it's our go-to malt for building flavour.

    half-and-half munich and vienna is a great flavour bomb, can't go wrong

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