I am thinking of of dabbling in this a little bit, but my research has brought about pretty contradictory view and experiences.:

A. On one hand it says the extra CO2 held in the wort/ beer decreases the pH to levels the yeast dont generally like, and they slow down and it adds 2 or 3 days to fermentation

B. On the other hand the theory is that you do a pressure ferment for a quicker ferment at a higher temp with less fusals and estery flavours.

'A' above might just be a comparison between pressure and non pressure at the same temp, which makes sense. Im not sure specifically how pressure would affect the esters.

But what are the real world experiences from you guys who use spundings?. Are there no other unwanted flavours compared to normal fermentation? Is the yeast/ ferment flavour profile completely different or not even noticeable?