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    Got a chart of the internet that said I should be at 0.43 so I matched that.
    Probably should have stuck with 10% cara.
    And maybe dropped the Munich 3 made up the difference with a bit more chocolate and some lighter malt. Didn't think of adding oats. Thought the cara would take care of that job, but they mostly do head retention not mouth feel.....
    Reason for the small amount of ekg at the end is that was what was left in the bag after the 30min add was calculated to match the I was aiming for.

    Grain is sitting and waiting for tonight. I'm going to do an evening brew

    Ps. Groen, what ratio is that?

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    I didn't follow bjcp at all. My sweet spot for IBU is 30-35 anything below that is a colddrink, but bugu is more important, it's all about balance. The irish (amber) ale has a bugu of 0.64, ibu of 30.4.
    I did use 100g hops in total and pushed my boil to 45min (with the first 5min being the hotbreak) to eek out some more bitterness out of the small "bittering" charge. I added 25/25 ekg and willamette at 40min and 25/25 of the same at 5min.

    For most ale's I have a small bittering with large 5min addition. I invert this for Pilsner, large bittering, tiny 10-20g total at 5min.
    I like hoppy but balanced beers

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    30~35 IBUs might be a tad high for an Irish Red Ale. My favourite IRAs to date have all actually had pretty low IBUs. Around 20 is where the malt shines for me, but then again, it's your beer and your taste, so enjoy it!

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    It certainly is high for an IRA ! I had a kilkenny recently and it was pretty disappointing on both malt and hop taste, I recalled that I used to enjoy them back in the day, although I think they're not imported anymore? Anyway, I thought I'd make one to my preferences and it's a pretty decent effort, not enough color for sure, but the taste is certainly there. Nitro would have kicked it up even more, but I'm happy with it. They beauty for me in large 5min additions is that your hop shines bright, not overly bitter just a hoppy stroke to the heart.

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    *cough* I don't like Kilkenny either *cough*

    Gilroy's Brewery makes a nice IRA. A bit low on the carbonation, which I'm not entirely opposed to, but he went a bit far. Nice and dry though.

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    Altough mentioned in BJCP Kilkenny is not a IRA but a Cream ale. Imo its closer to a Mild than a IRA.

    If you are into session beers and like malty beers a Mild is a great style to brew

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    [QUOTE=Harhm;23968]This is what I would have done with what you have

    Interesting that you would add nutrients. Doesn't Vienna cover that?

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    Last time I had a kilkenny I have to say I didn't find is bad at all. Quite en enjoyed it actually. But it's my only taste of the style and compared to the "SAB swill" to quote someone from the form..... its amazing

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    Yes you are covered.

    I normaly add yeast nutrient when it is a re-pitch yeast harvested from a previous batch. (I copied and modified my last IRA recipe)

    3 Fransen Street IRA is great if you can find it. Last time I had 1 was in in Clarens a few years ago

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    I value your experience more than your opinion Time is on your side, never rush a beer Have fun, its only beer

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    I'll keep that in mind thanks. Just pitched at 22c cooling to 19C. Had a taste, really bitter. Will still check I think I didn't adjust for no chill.....

    There's that and I overestimated my boil off rate again. Started with 30l ended with 26.
    Og is 1040 and not 1047 due to the extra 3l of water but I think I prefer it weaker anyway.

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