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    Speed up fermentation, typically used for lagers, can be used to self carbonate your beer. Pretty cool thing to read up on

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    Quote Originally Posted by Langchop View Post
    'Scuse my ignorance... What's the actual purpose of the pressure? What does it do or change?

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    Quote Originally Posted by groenspookasem View Post
    Great ! Did you fab the spunding yourself or store bought?
    Bought it on Wish, a bit fiddly but not too difficult to dail it in.

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    So who's brewing on heritage day?

    I'm planning a blonde I'm calling vienna passion.
    55% Vienna
    Balance marris
    +250g chit for head retention

    And of course southern passion 30min boil
    +5min Motueka.

    My hope is the lemon lime of the motueka compliments the passionfruit.

    Let's see....


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    I brewed a bitter, with Fuggles and east kent. Also made the sugar wash for my first distillation, 1.080 OG. My T500 should be here by the weekend, doing a simple alcohol and then perhaps a botanical bath before dilution.

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    I brewed an APA. My OG was 15 points short, so I had to add a lot of DME.

    Used Ragnarok yeast that I got from a friend. I am tempted to leave the beer in the garage, but my brain does not like the idea. So it is in the bathtub, with the other APA. This weekend I will be brewing another APA.

    I think I like APAs.

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    I'm thinking an apa this coming weekend sounds good. Raganarok is the Voss strain, likes heat. Mine is bubbling away, pitched at 39c and currently sitting pretty at 30c in the chamber. Give it a go, top crop tomorrow night and you're good for another batch or three.

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    Sticking to US05 for the moment. Still dialing in my kit so dont want to many variables.
    I under evaporated so I added 10min to the boil. Since the pack of Southern passion I have is only 6.5% it didn't add to much ibus.
    But I'm way below my target sg. Aimed for 1.047 only got 1.039. Didn't add dme. I'm going to ride it out and see. I corrected for temp on my hydrometer reading. But will check and confirm (that's Way off)

    Anyway it should make for an easy drinking beer. I've been looking at APAs, it looks like a good summer beer

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    Brewed a Red IPA.
    Apollo -bittering
    African Queen - flavour
    Southern Passion - Aroma.

    Also bottled my Hobgoblin Gold clone, had a taste, tasted great, wife tasted, she insisted I pour her a glass, she drank as is. This ones going to be good, most likely will go fast.
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    Who will be brewing this weekend? I'm doing an American wheat with galena, enigma and citra with a decent dry hop of the last two, after stranda fermentation. Then a craft tonic for the keg, kegging my bitters and next weekend a stripping run on the t500 (if the wash is ready)
    Happy days!

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