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  1. Brew club for Boksburg

    Hi, My name is Johann. I am a craft brewer from Boksburg Gauteng.
    People interested to join the Valkyrie Brew Club is welcome to get in contact with me for more information.
    The aim is to form a club where we can brew, learn and share good times and good beer.
  2. Carbonating my keg

    Hi all well seasoned brewers
    Sorry if this has been dealt with before >but can someone please give me a bit of info on carbonating my new keg (new for me ) .
    I want to find out what to set the pressure at in the keg, how long to leave the co2 bottle tap open as i can hear a small amount off gas coming from the regulator pressure release hole and don't want to wast to much co2 . At the moment I have the keg under 3 bar off pressure and did vent out all the air (as well as i could ...
  3. Home Brewing 101: How To Brew Beer In Your Kitchen

    Small-batch homebrewed beer appeals to everyman’s desire for creation and improvisation right in the kitchen. If you are thinking about giving home brewing a try – or tried it once and can’t figure out what went wrong – here’s an overview of the four-step process.

    Step 1 – Collect and clean everything

    Home brewing requires some special equipment, but a lot of it can be done with items you probably already have: a very large metal pot, one (or two) five-gallon buckets ...
  4. I got Roasted!!!

    by , 19th February 2015 at 12:58 (Slainthe Blarg - Ramblings of a Self-confessed Brewer)
    ...or at least, some of my grain did.

    I like a stout now and then, especially one home-made by myself. I have used Beerguevara's (BGV) Stout Kit a couple of times but I want to try my hand at designing my own recipe and, therefore, roasting my own grains would be needed.

    So I go back into BGV and order a load of good old trusty 2-row grain, about 4kg milled and another 1kg unmilled, make sure I have all my other ingredients at home and then wait for a gap in the loadshedding ...

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  5. My first meeting with the Southyeasters

    by , 15th May 2014 at 10:16 (Slainthe Blarg - Ramblings of a Self-confessed Brewer)
    I had to drop off my entry for the Devils Peak Homebrew competition at the Tap Room before I go on a roadtrip next weekend, so I figured I would coincide that trip with a meeting of the Southyeasters and kill two dops with one stone.

    I didn't know what to expect, thinking it would be more like a discussion of things homebrewing, but it turned out to be totally different.

    Instead, it was a bunch of like-minded brewers, some hobbyists and some commercials, getting together ...
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