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  1. Hooray for Cherry IPA...

    by , 3rd February 2014 at 15:29 (Slainthe Blarg - Ramblings of a Self-confessed Brewer)
    On Saturday evening we had some friends around for a braai and, having had some of my brews previously, they all wanted to know when the next batch was going to be available.

    The only beer I had bottled were the two IPA's, one plain and the other cherry-infused, but the cherry version had been in the bottle for exactly two weeks, so I though "Hmmmm.....let's give it a try".

    I don't say this often, but OMG!! When I heard the half-second "pssh" noise as ...
  2. Today is the Day for IPA...

    by , 28th January 2014 at 12:31 (Slainthe Blarg - Ramblings of a Self-confessed Brewer) be bottled.

    A couple of weeks ago I brewed up a 10L batch and, despite having done a nasty to my back last Saturday following which I could hardly move on Sunday, I have to get this brew bottled.

    I've currently got 24x 440ml bottles in the dishwasher undergoing a 70degC rinse and sterilisation. Once that is done, I will let them cool down a bit, prime them with a teaspoon of sugar each, then use my Super Automatic Bottle Filler to rack the correct amount of brew into ...
  3. Query for the Southern Peninsula folks...

    by , 17th January 2014 at 11:02 (Slainthe Blarg - Ramblings of a Self-confessed Brewer)
    Have any of you had contact with/from Lakeside Beerworks in Fish Eagle Park lately?

    I went around there yesterday, but the place is closed up. I emailed reply. I called the number on their website and it just rings.

    They make a really good, malty American Pale Ale and I wanted to get some of the brew directly from them instead of at Shorties, who are charging R26 per 440ml bottle. I have it on good advice from the bloke that runs African Homebrewing website that ...
  4. Is no-one else going to create a blog?

    by , 15th January 2014 at 10:25 (Slainthe Blarg - Ramblings of a Self-confessed Brewer)
    Personally, it is interesting to read about other folks' "comings and goings", especially in the world of brewing, so now that Simon has re-enabled the Blogs page, I would like to see more of us getting involved.

    Blog postings don't have to be in-depth, or show detail to the "n-th degree" about something, and, in fact, should be more used like an online diary rather than a blow-for-blow account of an event.

    And who cares if your blog is written in Hindustani, ...
  5. It appears that my fermentation worries may be unfounded...

    by , 13th January 2014 at 10:26 (Slainthe Blarg - Ramblings of a Self-confessed Brewer), at the weekend, I brewed a 20L batch of IPA using the same English Yeast as in my Cherry-infused batch (see previous posting), and the yeast in this batch behaved in identical fashion.

    Bubbling started within thirty minutes of fitting the air lock and, by the following morning, the brew was venting a constant stream of bubbles.

    On Sunday evening, however, almost 24hrs to the minute...the bubbling all but stopped. There is now only a small venting occurring about ...
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