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    Congratulations! You have successfully stumbled upon (or been given the link to) the Worts and All forum dedicated to the age old art of home brewing.

    I know, I know, you’re thinking “Wow, what a cool name!” but trust me, there’s so much more to it than that.

    Sure, this is a place to hang out and talk beer, but it’s also about a lifestyle and an ethos. This is where we want to hear your stories of hand crafted Stout and Chocolate Ice Cream, your tales of Old Speckled Hen Sausages and all about that little tiny pub you discovered in the middle of nowhere where the owner made his own cheese and dished out shots of home-made limoncello in frozen shot glasses in the shape of Table Mountain.

    This place was created by a few likeminded individuals who were sick and tired of trawling foreign forums for information. What do the British know about locating Cascade hops in Bela-Bela? What do the Americans know about trying to locate a decent sized glass carboy in Africa? What do the Belgians know about great clubs like Southyeasters and Worthogs?

    So really it’s all about you. Come in, share, enjoy…
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    What are you brewing?

    Yes you can ... just make sure your added water is sterrile .. FFS

    What I do when PBG is too high ... to collect more runnoff and add it

    AlexBrew Yesterday, 23:06 Go to last post

    My first successful experiment.

    I made one of my partial kits that i am learning on and the OG was not good, under 1.040.
    Then the fermentation kind of stopped after 3 days of

    Treeman Yesterday, 22:34 Go to last post

    What are you brewing?

    Yep. Just make sure to adjust your hops too if you're going to be adding more water.

    CaPunT Yesterday, 22:33 Go to last post

    What are you brewing?

    Weather was good but time wasn't, so hoping to do this tomorrow. I'm going to try a seperate dunk sparge ala toxxyc to up the efficiency. Am I right in

    BruHaha Yesterday, 21:04 Go to last post

    Mauribrew yeast

    ...and ±4yrs ago their yeast was kak cheap. Wonder why the price went up so much?

    JIGSAW Yesterday, 18:51 Go to last post