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    Congratulations! You have successfully stumbled upon (or been given the link to) the Worts and All forum dedicated to the age old art of home brewing.

    I know, I know, you’re thinking “Wow, what a cool name!” but trust me, there’s so much more to it than that.

    Sure, this is a place to hang out and talk beer, but it’s also about a lifestyle and an ethos. This is where we want to hear your stories of hand crafted Stout and Chocolate Ice Cream, your tales of Old Speckled Hen Sausages and all about that little tiny pub you discovered in the middle of nowhere where the owner made his own cheese and dished out shots of home-made limoncello in frozen shot glasses in the shape of Table Mountain.

    This place was created by a few likeminded individuals who were sick and tired of trawling foreign forums for information. What do the British know about locating Cascade hops in Bela-Bela? What do the Americans know about trying to locate a decent sized glass carboy in Africa? What do the Belgians know about great clubs like Southyeasters and Worthogs?

    So really it’s all about you. Come in, share, enjoy…

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    Growing Hops

    Our lab is over 3 now. People said "they'll calm down after 18 to 24 months". Bullshit. Leave something out, anything, and tomorrow it's

    Toxxyc Today, 08:52 Go to last post

    Growing Hops

    Sorry guys, you misunderstood. I have to burn what I don't use, IP and all that.
    I'll share hop cones, if I have enough. Rocket Boy, I'll see whether

    DeanoZA Today, 08:46 Go to last post

    Mobile kegging issues?

    Thinking of filling a 2L growler or so out of the keg to take to a braai is even easier than a a few bottles.

    PaBz0r Today, 08:43 Go to last post

    Mobile kegging issues?

    I used to do that as well, but bottling those few bottles is a PITA, so these days my batch sizes are 20L ... just enough for a keg.

    I fill

    JIGSAW Today, 08:13 Go to last post

    Infection in my fermentor

    Yea, I think its just all that trub/yeast from both fermenters that was sitting at room temp that went vrot.

    It will happen to any fermenter

    JIGSAW Today, 08:01 Go to last post