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    Congratulations! You have successfully stumbled upon (or been given the link to) the Worts and All forum dedicated to the age old art of home brewing.

    I know, I know, you’re thinking “Wow, what a cool name!” but trust me, there’s so much more to it than that.

    Sure, this is a place to hang out and talk beer, but it’s also about a lifestyle and an ethos. This is where we want to hear your stories of hand crafted Stout and Chocolate Ice Cream, your tales of Old Speckled Hen Sausages and all about that little tiny pub you discovered in the middle of nowhere where the owner made his own cheese and dished out shots of home-made limoncello in frozen shot glasses in the shape of Table Mountain.

    This place was created by a few likeminded individuals who were sick and tired of trawling foreign forums for information. What do the British know about locating Cascade hops in Bela-Bela? What do the Americans know about trying to locate a decent sized glass carboy in Africa? What do the Belgians know about great clubs like Southyeasters and Worthogs?

    So really it’s all about you. Come in, share, enjoy…

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    3d printers

    Also a side thing of mine. Great for jigs and similar applications that I use it for.

    I've gone the whole custom reprap route, but in the

    GregMo Today, 12:58 Go to last post

    What are you brewing?

    Sounds like DAP (nitrogen rich nutrient) - cheap as chips btw. When I run whiskey, I do a strip and a spirit run through the alembic pot. No filtering,

    groenspookasem Today, 12:23 Go to last post

    SA hops usage

    Some say SA hops give a grassy taste. I haven't picked it up, having worked my way through several kilos of it in the past few weeks. Even my currently

    Toxxyc Today, 11:47 Go to last post

    What are you brewing?

    Goodness me that whisky wash is running. I pitched the yeast yesterday morning (some kind of white granular stuff mixed with regular yeast), and it's

    Toxxyc Today, 11:45 Go to last post

    SA hops usage

    I'd say drop the 5min totally and Gooi 50g queen and 50g passion in the whirlpool.
    That's my APA addition suggestion. And then the same addition

    jannieverjaar Today, 11:27 Go to last post