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    Newby question - (first of many)

    Great. And? ... did it pour a nice head?
    So it turned out fine... as it usually does.
    You'll find that primed bottled beer is good at 2 weeks

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    Newby question - (first of many)


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    Growing Hops

    Dude that will be awesome. I honestly dont think they will love our heat ot that they're going to do well at the hights i have available? But maybe

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    Growing Hops

    Thanks, I'll have spare if I get the rhizomes I've been promised.
    My mouth is watering at the thought of a pilzner dry hopped with these. They

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    Growing Hops

    It's a locally bred strain.
    What happened to the chaps that had hops.
    I'm going to put trellises in this week, I've got a pile of 6.5m Telkom

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