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    Random small questions

    I've done beer on beer on beer so much previously that at one stage I had about 5L of trub before I poured a little over to a new bucket and started over.

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    Snyper's Micro Batches

    Few threads I read about high gravity is it gets better and better per repitch. Here from generation 3 it comes into its own, my pallette isnt refined

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    Snyper's Micro Batches

    Mexican Lager is bubbling away nicely, expected nothing less from Oslo Kveik though.

    Tripel is still bubbling but much slower the yeast

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    Pressurised Fermentation

    Got the same idea Rikus and chris also has the same idea and I reached out to @Rikusj yesterday he found someone in cpt that can do the welding for

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    Pressurised Fermentation

    I've been thinking of taking a 30 or 50L keg and opening the top to 4" ferrule, then you can use the Kegland kegmenter setup.

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