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    What are you brewing?

    Yes you can ... just make sure your added water is sterrile .. FFS

    What I do when PBG is too high ... to collect more runnoff and add it

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    My first successful experiment.

    I made one of my partial kits that i am learning on and the OG was not good, under 1.040.
    Then the fermentation kind of stopped after 3 days of

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    What are you brewing?

    Yep. Just make sure to adjust your hops too if you're going to be adding more water.

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    What are you brewing?

    Weather was good but time wasn't, so hoping to do this tomorrow. I'm going to try a seperate dunk sparge ala toxxyc to up the efficiency. Am I right in

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    Mauribrew yeast

    ...and 4yrs ago their yeast was kak cheap. Wonder why the price went up so much?

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