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    Was hoping for another "one of us" but I'm at work again and waiting so I'll post.
    After Groenspookasem reminding me that although I prefer my own brew, the brew shop only exists because of the craft market I ordered a variety pack.
    There are definitely some that are boring. But man
    Afro Caribbean can brew!

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    (yesterday) I learnt that over pitching Kveik will decimate your gravity in no time...
    Went from pitching 500ml starter into 14L of 1.040 wort at 20h on Sunday, to noticing no more activity and checking the SG at 19h yesterday only to find the brew was down to 1.008!
    This was at 30deg C.

    I made a 1L starter of some old(expired May 2020) LC Midbust Kveik I've had in the fridge. I took out about ~3ml using a pipette into a 1.040 DME starter. I started it around 17h on Sat
    so it was about 27 hours in when I pitched.

    I also learned that one should always check if your recirculation pump's pipe is INSIDE your kettle before turning it on, doh!

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    I learned (once again) how tough a damn krauzen ring can be where you can't reach it.

    I also learned how weird a wort smells when you boil it without hops. It's just not the same. Smelled like freshly baked bread and cookies, with a hint of carnival caramel/toffee, but it did not remind me of a beer boil even one bit. Oh, and it smells completely different to the mash, for some reason.

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    Had an almost disastrous ending to a brew day.. first time using LC's yeast and didn't care to look if it had a second cap after removing the big cap.. Gave it a squeeze and the inner cap dislodged, luckily landing on the floor and not in the wort.

    Lesson.. check and double check.

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    Adding just a couple kg extra grain to your setup makes the brewing exponentially more difficult. BIAB: fitting, lifting, squeezing, sparging
    "Dudddde...Hold my beer!".... ; "I wonder what will happen if I ...."

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