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    Post Clone Recipe : Mad Giant Killer Hop IPA

    I have asked Eben from Mad Giant if he is willing to share his recipe.

    I may need to send someone (or go myself) to convert the recipe from commercial to home brew scale.

    Let's hope he says yes.

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    WOOT! Eben said he will work on it!

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    Wow great job. I would love to try replicate this one

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    Quote Originally Posted by AtronSeige View Post
    WOOT! Eben said he will work on it!
    You legend! Great beer. I would probably try that as my next brew
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    Would love to see this recipe as well as water profile if possible.
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    Any update on this recipe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Half_Frog View Post
    Any update on this recipe
    Welcome Half_Frog
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    No updates yet. I have asked Eben again.

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    Directly from the Brew Master! Thanks Eben!

    Pale Malt 82%
    Munich T2 13%
    Wheat 4%
    CaraMunich T1 1%

    Mash in at 64C for 35min, raise to 72C for 25min, mash out at 78C
    Target OG 12.6P

    Hops (times are towards end of boil):
    Bittering for 25 IBU
    Centennial 15min 0.5 g/l
    Cascade 15min 0.5 g/l
    Centennial 5min 0.5 g/l
    Cascade 5min 0.5 g/l

    Boil for 60min

    Ferment with US05 at 18C

    Dry hop with:

    Citra 2 g/l

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    Hey great - I was actually going to post tonight as ask if there was any progress on this one. Can I ask a newbie question, for the line "Bittering for 25 IBU" should that be the hops addition at the beginning of the boild that will give 25 IBU on its own or should this amount of bittering hops be added to bring the IBU up to 25 after all the aromatic hops have been added to the recipe? Because based on this answer for a 23l batch I either I either need to use 19g of southern star (final IBU of 38.8) or 8.4g for a final IBU of 25.

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