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    Basic Keg Setup-Considering Options for Future

    So here is me with egg on my face after saying that I dont see the value of kegging, and now am considering looking into some options

    I am considering putting together a simple system and came across this...

    I would probably get all the fittings separately, but make a separate structure to hold both the tap and the cylinder and then just connect to the keg when required ( I am hoping it works like that)

    I would probably get an adaptor for the regulator to use a fire extinguisher. Not sure what fittings a fire extinguisher has tho.

    Any advice, warnings, concerns about suck a type kit. Also does one assume a keg is stainless or are some mild steel or anything else?

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    Rather just buy the parts seperately and get something you won't want to upgrade soon. Sodastream gass is pricey and that system is going to need plenty of piping to balance it otherwise you ate just going to get foam.

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    Thanks for your feedback atun

    Quote Originally Posted by atunguyd View Post
    Rather just buy the parts seperately... Sodastream gass is pricey
    Yea it's cheaper separately and then I can do it more customised for my needs. I intend to use an extinguisher but having sodastreamability for backup would be cool

    Quote Originally Posted by atunguyd View Post
    ... that system is going to need plenty of piping to balance it...
    Given that I have never actually even seen a keg setup in operation, what does this mean?

    The individual parts on that link tho (keg, tap, regulator, couplings) , do those look okay or any of widely known issues with them?
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    Here's what I did for my Grogbox or keezer ;

    3x corny pin lock kegs from kegsolutions (~R3k)
    3x gas connects and 3x beer connects (~Rcant recall)
    3x 2m bevlex beerlines (~Rcant recall)
    1x 2m gasline (~R20)
    2x t pieces at under R100

    3x adjustable flow control taps from BrewCraft (~R700 ea) can get away for less if you drop flow control
    1x beer regulator (~R900)
    1x 2kg co2 cylinder from builders (~R700)
    1x 120l defy deep freezer (R~2500) has the option to be a refrigerator or check the classifieds for a used by one
    1x 6m 22mm pine wood slab cut to fit with primer and chalkboard paint (~R600) to create a larger headspace and a spot to fit the taps. Chalk for scribbling what's inside.

    Worthwhile spend as I cold crash in it and have a solid rotation with beer on tap. You can scale this from 1 to 4 kegs, and can add kegs, taps etc at a later stage or as finances allow. I have a spot in it for yeasts and hops. Co2 outside.

    I've been never bottled and can rush a blonde from brewday to tap in around 10 to 15 days, a bit green but quaffable.

    During this time the keg in service supplies a steady flow of beer whilst another one is conditioning, with one fermenting muck about with ciders, root beer or soda lines.

    I do want a fermentation chamber to save space, but am adjusting my brews with the season to compensate. Hotter running yeast in summer and colder yeasts in the winter.

    In short, check options before getting a single use system. You could also fit a tower on top of a bar fridge or convert a refrigerator, I went for the deep freezer to get more kegs in it, not drilling holes to repurpose if needed, bigger unit more kegs more options. If you're handy you could convert a wine barrel into a kegerator using a cheap bar fridge as spares. Do a search on

    Bottom line, it's worth kegging in the long run. If you are worried about the cost, don't upgrade your cell phone once and you've covered the cost and some...

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    Wow that sounds like the perfect home bar. Would you mind sharing some pics? Although i have to say at roughly R9k that's not likely to be in my Christmas sock.


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    I'll snap some pics for you sure, it didn't win the elegance factor with the missus so I had to hide it in a backroom (man cave) with a my brew and fermenting kit.
    The key is to get your setup to scale up, so you can add to it later on and use it for multiple purposes.

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    Oh yeah, sodastream is dear, to refill the 2kg cylinder is under R200 and lasts around 8 kegs, forced carbonation included

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    My kegging system done about 2 years ago

    2 x Corny kegs
    1 x 2kg CO2
    1 x beer regulator
    2 x long shank taps with flow - Essential in my opinion
    2 x gas in connect
    2 x beer out connect
    2 x (2.5m - 3m) beer line (to control the flow rate)
    1 x Re-purposed family fridge

    You can do the math from the provided links


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    That's a great setup! I took some solid advice from Richard at Kegsolutions and am very happy with the gear. I have to admit, I wrote off all the equipment costs and only work on running costs. This stuff will last a very long time, sure you will get to a break even point at some stage, spend now save later

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    Do you want to pour beer at home, or at other places? Mobility makes a big difference.

    Either case, you will need:
    Kegs. Most kegs are stainless inside, but sometimes have a different metal outside. Some are plastic. Corny kegs are what most of us use and the AEB brand are around R1500 new. There are other options currently in SA, but I do not have the names on hand
    Beer/gas line. I purchase the 3/8" clean beerline (you can use it for gas as well). ~R10 pm from
    Next you will need JG or DM connectors, and many of them. These are the thingies that connect beerline to everything else. Bevtech has these as well.
    Your CO2 cylinders. I recommend having one big (5kg) and one small (2kg). The sodastream ones are really cute, but that is for people who want to be really mobile.
    Taps. Taps come in various shapes and sizes. I would recommend a tap with a flow control, OR you can use an inline flow control (also from Bevtech).

    Fridge or freezer for at home use. Here the path diverts and some labour may be required. There are many setups, from fridges with taps in the doors, to fridges with collars. It all depends on the amount of space you have and your skills (or that of a friend). Or you can just buy the whole setup. Brewcraft and bevtech sell them as kegorators. The trick here is that the beer is stored in a cold environment and served directly.

    Lazy Maid is another option, but usually quite expensive. These machines cool the beer before serving, so you do not have to store your beer cold. These are often seen in bars.

    Coolerbox/jockey box. For those who like to serve their beer at random places. These are usually cooled by ice placed on a chill plate or coiled metal tube. Beer is cooled as it travels through the plate/tube and is served. You can buy these, or make your own.

    Finally: Cleaning!!!! Clean your setup regularly!

    PM me if you want to come past and see my fridge and/or jockey box setups.

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