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    Craft beer bottles

    I have about 100 (brown) 330ml and about 50 (half clear and half brown) 440ml Consol craft beer bottles available to anyone who can use them.

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    Do you still have the bottles and whats your location?

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    After 2 years, chances are slim.

    Might also be best to pop him a PM (he will get an e-mail notification) ... He isn't very active here lately.
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    Oh gosh, didn't even look at the date. I will assume they gone.

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    Effervescent! And o so yummy! Double dry hopped with sabro, Citra, cascade AND Mosaic!
    Its been sitting in my fridge for 2 months and still tastes amazing! Get yourselfs one of these as soon as you can! Well done hey Joe brewery !

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    Lol wrong thread but I second that. Their monkin around brews are damn good!!

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    Aw man! Tried to find the right place but clearly ive had a few to many monkin arounds. Had the trouble &double as well but its not as awesome

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