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Thread: Distillation

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    I'm toying with the idea to pickup an alembic or T500 still for the GF. I don't drink hard tack though and am not sure if it's worth the effort. Going the alembic route, would mean a 7 hour distillation day after a brew / fermentation effort. The yield is low 3 or 6 litres, which would then need to sit in a wood barrel for at least a year for all grain whiskey. The t500 strips off any flavor profiles, so a sugar wash is sufficient, but you then flavor the spirit with essences, which is a bit of a cheat in my view, except for gin perhaps? T500 is a 5hour distillation day.

    On the odd occasion when I drink hard tack I prefer to drink it neat and not a lot of it, like Marca Negra Mezcal or single malt peaty whisky anything from Islay. I abhor any sweet tasting spirit. My missus enjoys her craft gin which is in abundance in Cape Town.

    Has anyone here had a go at it? Recommendations or advice appreciated.

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    I've done hundreds of sessions using either a small pot still or the T500.

    My opinion:
    If you don't often drink hard tack, and prefer good stuff, I'd say save your money for high quality stuff from the shop. You'll be much happier and save some money.

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    A friend of mine played around with a potstill to make some whiskey. It's not as easy as one might like it to be. If I were to seriously consider something like this, I'd go for the T500 rather than a Potstill.

    Not sure what you would want to make but the ultimate is always a good whiskey. Many whiskeys are distilled to a very high abv and most of the flavour then comes from the oak. From what I've gathered, Bains for example is a 100% corn mash, distilled in a massive reflux column. Most likely distilled to over 90% abv.

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    @TheFlyingBrew Would using the alembic copper still not impart more grain flavor? I'd be keen to attempt a rye, a smoked malt and a "vienna single malt" whisky and barrel age for at least a year. I do get the impression it's quite an art, I need to do more research.

    @jakeslouw That's exactly my worry too. A couple of decent 'grogs' can easily fund the cost of an alembic / t500 still and accessories. Having said that, I struggle to finish a bottle of the strong stuff, takes me quite a while !

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    ^ You're doing it wrong

    many a time I find myself "double fisted" ... whisky on the rocks in on hand and a beer in the other
    The Problem With The World Is That Everyone Is A Few Drinks Behind.!

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    I can't mix different kinds of alcohol, if I do then bedtime is accelerated by a good few hours. Sometimes when I pour a dram of whisky, I'd splash a few drops of water in to change the flavor profile. Those frozen metal cubes instead of ice if I feel the need to cool it.

    I don't like the feeling of overdoing it nor the headache the next morning

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    I have a copper T500 for my Grainfather - gotta admit, a lot of work for a little out. Prefer the brewing but hey, every now and again I can do away with a bad batch of beer or some old wine that doesn't taste nearly as good at home as on the farm...

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    I was wondering, using an urn in lieu of the GF with and stc or similar controlling the temperature putting a probe on the neck, would it not alleviate a lot of dialing up and down? Catch the methanol first, run 2l head, hearts and tails (approximately 1 hour each)

    I'm still (lol) researching this, but surely there must be a way to make it less hands on?

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    You could link some sort of PID to a solenoid valve on the water inlet, but.... a still that isn't watched can explode if something goes wrong unchecked.

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    I saw some of those theoretical automation mentioned in online. Thinking about not constantly turning temp or flow up / down.

    If all goes according to plan, my alembic will arrive soon. Pressure is on to get knowledgeable... Planning to kick a few double brew days to keep the kegs filled, then attempt a single grain whiskey, perhaps Vienna or Marris Otter.

    Do you need recipes or just seat of the pants? Thinking to do a reiterated mash to hit high as possible OG. Voss kveik and perhaps enzymes to turn the mash into wash in double time

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