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    Agree with Harhm and jakeslouw. Also brew 50L keggle BIAB.
    Done some calcs, to get to effeciency of GF the extra cost per brew, it would take me something like 20 years to break even.
    Yes more precise temp control on GF.
    Personally to me clarity is not a major issue.
    I feel more precise temp control when fermetting is more important.
    Everyone must beleive in something, I beleive I'll have another beer

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    So, who has a GF lying around that they don't use and don't mind passing on to a deserving starter like myself? I'll share... :P

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    GF camp piping up:
    Do you have a controlled fermentation chamber? Kegerator? How much do you brew?

    High ABV beers are very possible, but does take time - reiterated mashing. High level overview. If your doing a 9kg, split your batch in two 4.5kg batches, do one after the other., 2nd mash goes in 1st wort. Mash and sparge for a 4.5kg batch. Take grainbasket out, add next 4.5kg grain batch in (check unit water volume). Mash again, use ~20% of the volume in the unit and use that as your sparge indicator. Brewhouse efficiency shoots up to 85%-90%. It does take longer, more electricity but is possible. Yes you do need an urn - I got a 20l one which works well.
    I like to brew each batch differently and I brew mainly for myself, so the unit size is perfect. It's easy peasy, no winches, jacks or forklifts needed to get your grain out. It has a small footprint if space is an issue.

    Disclaimer: I bought the GF, urn, kegerator, kegs etc all in one go. Not long after that, the ferm fridge. I did get one of those full size upright fridge only jobbies - so I can ferment two batches of similar style in one chamber. Expensive outlay? That depends on how you view your sane staying hobbies. Equipment purchases since then was the mill and alembic. I'm in two minds around the tilt hydrometer as it's cool, but wont improve my beers and I'm off topic....

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    So I finally buckled.. Mostly due to using eBucks and buying from Takelot. Got GF yesterday, this weekend she will have her first run!

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    Quote Originally Posted by koperaal_koos View Post
    So I finally buckled.. Mostly due to using eBucks and buying from Takelot. Got GF yesterday, this weekend she will have her first run!

    Woot-Woot. Congrats on that purchase
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    Well done ! Congratulations on the purchase, what are you brewing?

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    I absolutely love it, got a special needs son so time alone is very precious. The pre heat function helps a lot, furthermore I brew at around 4am while family sleeps while mash is on the go I take an hour or so nap, cause the controller looks after everything. When family wakes up Iím bright and fresh. Lastly Iíve been using gas and electric in the past. But the gf with controlled temps etc etc has made my beer so consistent absolutely love it

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    First brew is a modified Pilsener. Well extra modified, started off with a R U Kidding pils from Charlie's book. Tweaked it a bit... then when I started to brew I decided my original tweak was boring so I made some changes again
    Will see how it comes out. GF is a dream to brew with, just had some issues with app (stupid Sony phone) so ended up inputting all mashing steps manually. Still worked better than my previous setup.

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