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    Greetings from Stellenbosch / Cape Town

    A friend and I recently bought an all grain setup from a colleague that left the country.

    We have done a 32L IPA that was a great success, and is now busy fermenting our second batch, an amber ale.

    We didn't like the idea of bottling, so ended up buying some corny kegs.

    I built a keezer this week, and the next batch will be served in the office (luckily a small office).

    I ordered taps from Kegland in Australia. Very good quality. The mini kegs are also from Kegland and arrived today! We brew in Cape Town, but I live in Stellenbosch. No I can take some beer home!

    Pieter (and Greg)


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    Wow, you really jumped right into it! Welcome to the forum

    Its hilarious how similar some of your equipment is to mine:
    Same kegs, samelar keezer, same beer filter. When I get get home imma check if I got robbed.
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    Noice! Do you know about the kegs being sold out in Somerset west? Kegsolutions/Richard. I imported taps from Jhb :-) do like your mini kegs though!

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    Once again welcome to the forum

    Nice setup. All-in like they say

    Kegland have some really nice equipment, but like Groenspook said, you can get most kegging equipment from Kegsolution in your 'neck of the woods'

    From the photos: Just pay close attention to not knock that COČ cylinder as the gauges on that regulator breaks easy if it had to fall over.

    PS: looks like you guys got some good brewing info from that friend before he left.
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    Thanks guys! We are having a lot of fun!

    We did knock over the cylinder once. One of the gauges got bent, but it seems to be okay. After that we 3D printed a base for the cylinder. No chance of falling over now.

    The taps from Kegland is forward sealing stainless steel taps, with stainless steel shanks. Really top notch stuff. I couldn't find anything close to the same quality locally. And their mini kegs are really the best out there when it comes to the welding process and quality control. A bit expensive, but really cool.

    I visited Keg Solutions and bought the regulator from him. Afterwards I found out it was a bit overpriced, and the John Guest fitting he put on the regulator was leaking like crazy. He really did a bad job of it.

    The corny kegs I got at Electrical Industries in Paarden Island brand new, for less than Keg Solutions charge for a second hand pepsi/coke corny...

    I think I watched about 20 brewing videos on Youtube before our first brew. It helped!

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    Brewing and MTB's 2 of my favourite things.
    Welcome to the forum guys.
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