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Mashed in at 71C according to the STC1000

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Sampled at 25 and corrected on the App
With your setup I'd suggest the following.

1. Make sure your mashing at the right temperature, you say you mashed in at 71 degrees, but what was your mash temperature during the time your malt was steeping? 71 sounds a little low for your bucket set-up.

For comparison, my mash water is heated to 78.6, then pumped into my cooler, which drops the temp to about 73.7, then I mash in and my temp hits exactly 65.0

2. Get some iodine and do the white plate test, a drop of iodine in a small amount of wort will tell you if your mash is complete or if there's still starch to convert.

3. Don't recirculate for the first 30 minutes, give your mash a good stir at 15, and then switch on the pump at 30 minutes.

4. Batch sparge: drain your first running, put in your sparge water, forget the spoon and the carefull drizzling, give your malt a good proper stir after you've added your sparge water and then let it rest for at least 15 minutes, then recirculate for another 15-20 minutes before draining into your kettle.

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