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    Recommended Watch: Brewing the Republic

    If you have not seen it already, I've just watched a fantastic local documentary on Amazon Prime called Brewing the Republic. Its all about the local craft scene.

    Worth a watch. If you don't have Prime, I too recommend getting it, some good shows on there for half the price of Netflix.

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    Thanks, will search for this on Amazon
    The Problem With The World Is That Everyone Is A Few Drinks Behind.!

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    Thanks, will check it out.

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    I really had a good time watching that. Definitely convinced me to spend more time considering craft beers. And its pretty well made

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    Thanks for the YT link there Dewald.
    Definitely worth the watch.

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    Finished watching it last night, what a nice to watch doccie. And it's good the recognise a lot of folk as well.

    Brewhogs is still one of my favourite breweries, I have found their consistency second to none.

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