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    There be very clever people on this site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jannieverjaar View Post
    To be honest though my lapa should be relabeled!
    Ja, should be called the Crowded Mess.........

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    Lol yes /kids parking lot/ i need to learn about housekeeping. I have learned that my hole clean out thing doesn't work. You spend a lot of time moving stuff out that gets moved in by your team members at earliest convenience. But this time its all my stuff. That is my lifting arrangement above my mash tun/ brew kettle/urn.
    Maby its just how messy my brain is and i should make peace

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    Maby its just how messy my brain is and i should make peace
    yes perhaps that is the truth.
    I battle because i hunt fish dive race hike camp make my own, collect salvage and recondition.

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    I took my beer to the local pub last night for the guys to try, cleared the permissions and poured a 3/4 glass for each person.

    The first responses came from the woman with a instant liking and a few questions skirting the classification of beer and "is this really like beer", its much nicer than "beer"?

    I do not know if thats a compliment or not, it tastes much nicer than beer Dave, like a adult cool drink , "well almost!"
    The girls liked it straight out.

    The guys were more in the line of .....
    Its rather fruity for a beer.
    Its not as fizzy light as SAB beer.
    Its quiet heavy - rather thick, nice color.
    The barman said, " it goes to your head rather fast"

    I suppose the change from XYZ I was drinking made it taste funny at first, its actually quiet nice.
    I like this Dave, it would be a welcome as a choice on the shelf.
    After the first half, I would honestly say this is better than my B/Label.

    I only opened my taster after everyone else had finished, WOW !!!!!!! what a change !!!!!!!!!!
    After 4 days it was "ya - ok!" would not wish to make it again stuff.
    After two weeks it was as I posted, drinkable, even nice, but felt low alcohol in a few ways.
    3 day older and it is actually very nice and better if not ice cold - like as in a nice ice cold beer.
    My beer got better with taste.

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    Well now I want one. Most people know there is hops in beer but that's about where the knowledge ends and even some "craft drinkers" dont know what hops can do.
    Actually I'm still learning so let me not be to harsh. The fruity American hops can be rather surprising in a fairly young beer.

    Anyway great feedback and great to hear that your beer improved so much. Good idea taking it to the bar. You get the opinion of beer drinkers not sippers and swirlers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treeman View Post
    This is where I am at, the frame work of my brewing room was set up today, 22 mm pine cladding will go onto that and a insulated roof 4.1 m x 2.2 and 2.4 high.

    I am so looking forward to being able to work out of the wind and cold, to have space.
    20200918_201854 by David Frank Allen, on Flickr
    20201011_183758 by David Frank Allen, on Flickr
    It is to be done by tonight, just a ceiling, basin and first shelf for now then I will fit wiring and plumbing.

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    Nice Treeman! lekker to have a brew space.

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    That looks nice bud, I think you are going to have fun in there
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    Still learning, please be patient, I've had a few.
    Constructive criticism welcome.

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    sweet - i like you escape pod, guessing only one battleaxe allowed at a time

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