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Thread: False bottoms

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    They only have 304 stainless mesh. Pretty sure they would be able to fabricate a basket

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    Quote Originally Posted by Langchop View Post
    I see they have a a few off the shelf options that could work for some:

    Pot stand:

    Or a bread basket:

    And messh.... hmmm. wonder if they would like to make baskets!?
    Like this?

    You putting in a request ? ... no use we all do the same thing

    EDIT: Am I right in assuming the SP50 is equivalent to 300 micron ?
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    I would definitely be interested as well please!

    The question then is, what size/dimensions would we be looking at (if the idea was to order a few of the same)?

    I have a CaterPride 50L so my dimensions may be a bit different... but if it fits and i can get ~8Kg of grains in it, im happy.

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    I would love to actually but unfortunately at this stage I need to be downscaling rather than upscaling.
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    Try catering supplies shops like Margot swiss
    They sell aluminium pizza oven trays. Cut the shape you want with a grinder. Holes are perfect size for full grain setups aswell.

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    brought a robobrew/brewzilla false bottom in from kegland - fits perfectly in the gf/g30. i believe they've hanged the design though, check these cheap chinese import shops like ketelkraal etc, they *may* have extra, although i doubt they keep spares

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    they designed a false bottom and quoted me R260. they are not expensive at all. Will let you all know what it looks like when I receive it.

    If someone does decide to get the basket designed let me know, for now the false bottom is perfectly within my budget.

    Rikus, once again thanks for everything. I owe you a few beers!!

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    They really do seem like a willing and capable company to deal with. I wish they were up here. Some time I may send them some basket pics and just ask if they are willing/ interested in making something like that.

    What would probably be most viable for them would be just a couple of standard sizes.

    As a quick poll, what would be the ideal size for most of you wrt:

    1. Outer diameter__________
    2. Top to bottom of basket_________
    3. standoff/ leg height________

    Thanks for bringing this discussion to life Rikus and Jitters.
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    Out of interest, why are you interested in a basket (i.e. mesh on sides and bottom) as opposed malt pipe (solid sides - mesh only on bottom)?

    By bag works well enough that I wouldn't really be interested in a basket, but definitely looking to a malt pipe type deal in the future somewhere...

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    You do make a good point. I guess in my mind having as much mesh as possible makes blockage less likely, plus just more widespread flow in my mind would allow for better extraction. Just my perceptions that may or may not be valid
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