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Thread: Too Low FG

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    Too Low FG

    I'm having some difficulty as to my FG - it always comes out sub 1.010 leaving it too thin bodied and too much abv.

    I have done single infusion mashes at 68 deg C with returning FG's of 1.010. 66-67degC seems to return 1.008. Double infusion mash of 65deg for 30min, then 74deg for another 30min - then sparge at 80deg returns 1.006.

    These mashing figures seem to ber the norm in many recipes where expected FG is 1.012-1.014.

    My point is that my beers tend to be too dry with too much alcohol. I usually aim for 5-5.5% , then end up with 6-6.5% .. added with priming sugar it'll be closer 7%. Not that that is a bad idea .. sometimes.. but also gets a bit much for all the time.

    In addition, last couple brews I'm getting higher mash efficiencies (thanks to my new mill) so I'm having a couple of batches of super potent killer hops's..
    Anyway, I think know where I need to fix this and that is adjust my recipe mash eff to include less malt and the other is to mash at a higher temperature.

    This is using US05 with an assumed attenuation of 78–82%
    A quick calc shows I have an attenuation of closer to 90% - is that possible thou ?
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    Might be worth doing a sanity check on your temp gauges? Perhaps you aren't actually mashing at the temps you think you are?

    Nothing else I can think of that could have the same effect.
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    Mmm good point - don't look past the obvious.
    I'll buy a second thermometer.
    think Game has pen probe one:

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    Agreed with Lang here.
    Verify your temps are in fact correct as you seem to be having more fermentables than you're planning for, and that can only come from the lower temps in sacc rest.
    It's reeealy weird that a 30min mash @74 left you're at 1.006 and I've never used US-05 but doubt it can chew up the amount of dextrins that should be present from that mash.
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    Mash higher. Seriously. Mash at 72C for a batch and check. I think Lang's on the spot, so just mash higher until you hit your numbers.

    The 74C for 30 minutes is fine, but you shouldn't start with the low one. I've ran tests and some malts mash start to finish in under 20 minutes. So if you do that at 65C your wort is highly fermentable.

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    I just checked my log book .....

    I hardly ever go under 1.010
    I usually end between 1.010 and 1.014 with a few dark ones above 1.016

    The few I have under 1.010 was done with "Pacman yeast"
    and the lowest is 1.004 from a Belle Saison yeast

    that being said AFAIK Beersmith usually predicts 1.011 so Im surprised when some people on YT says they got 1.004-1.008
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    Usually around the 1.009 - 1012.
    Some darker beers 1.014 - 1.016
    Gone lower with SafAle WB-06 (1.008), Bella Saison (1.004), Mangrove Jack M41 (1.007)
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    I need to get a second thermometer to verify each other.

    I got a low FG 1.004 when I brewed a pale ale US05 - when I had the bottling cockup and fermented the second batch with the priming sugar. First batch without the added dextrose ended up at 1.008.

    Maybe I need to get a second hydrometer - guess always good to have a backup.

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    My point is - when a recipe calls for FG1.012 ..but always end up with lower values 1.008 .. never higher 1.014.

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    Check your hydro as well. My brand new one is 4 points high.. made for some intresting first brews.

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