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    Greetings all

    I want to try miab. Where can i get voile material in CT and what am i looking for hole size-wise? Not really intending to brew in a bag but mash in a bag. I tried a pillow case with a epic fail as its too fine.

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    I bought from here. R80 for a 2.8mx1m

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    Thanks Jitters

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    Anything specific you can suggest?

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    I do exactly that... I think. I have a 50litre Coleman coolerbox I mash in. The drainage system is made from electrical conduit. .. then I wrap it with 3 layers of kitchen curtain material I bought from PEP stores - stitched into bags that fit the drainage system. Think it was R60 for lots of m2. I get fairly good mash efficiency out of this 75-80%


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    Bought mine at Pep Home as well. moved on from Bag though but it wasn't that expensive and I got 2 large bags out of one

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    I bought mine at the local material shop thing. R30 per meter, and 1m is 1.5m wide or something like that. So I bought 3 meters, and had their guys there stitch up two grain bags I used in my 200l BIAB experiment. Doubled up the material for double the filtering as well. It worked pretty well. I still have one of those big-ass bags (like 1.5m x 1m in size or something like that) around there somewhere. Think I need to re-purpose it for home brewing...

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    Thank you all my brew days is going to be so much lol

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    et voile(a). you'll know what happens behind the curtains and when the final curtain calls

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    I also got some material from Chamdor.. cheap as chips. Now just have to get the bag stitched up. I found this site for the plans :

    but I'm thinking if you've got a nice uniform urn with same diameter top and bottom you don't have to do that , right? Just cut a rectangle for the side and then a circle for the bottom?

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