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Thread: Lurker Intro

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    Lurker Intro

    Hi all,

    Long time lurker - first time poster. This forum is an integral part of my daily internet browse schedule. Probably one of the more productive ones [damn reddit].

    For me, sitting on the sidelines, its been interesting to see how things have changed over the last 5 or 6 years.
    It always seemed to me that contributors to the forum used to be very dogmatic - do as the internet says, or else...
    Nowadays a much more collaborative and supporting group, ie. do what works for you!

    Brewing since 2011, but took some breaks in 2013/2014 (overseas) and 2016 and 2018 (children and drought). By pure coincidence I really got back into brewing in January this year and really got my groove back just in time for the lockdown.
    Was pretty chuffed - no beer droughts for me and my neighbours!

    Will post some threads around my process which can probably be described as "short and shoddy" - sure to give some of you the "horries".

    Onwards and upwards - have some bottling to do!

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    Welcome !

    I enjoy challenging the holy cows and I'm sure many people find that upsetting too. I do find that the staunch crowd are quite set in their ways and still bow down to the old ways. I wont let up on sanitation and safety though, looking forward to your posts !

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    More than 4 years the lurker.. wow. Welcome.

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    Perceptive fella? Saw the lockdown coming in January already!

    Welcome to the other side of lurkiness.

    I love people who challenge convention. Look forward to hearing your experiences
    "Dudddde...Hold my beer!".... ; "I wonder what will happen if I ...."

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    Thanks all. Just posted my shoddy process.

    Think I'm going to upset old Groen the most.

    1) I bottle and not moving to kegging anytime soon.
    2) I tend to brew Weiss. Hate banana, but can't actually taste it (might have always had COVID??)
    3) "open" ferment???

    Sorry groen: benefit of lurking - I know the crowd better than they know me! Anyway - became a lurker way earlier than 2016. only registered back then.

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    Welcome out of your lurk...

    There are a few of us here from CPT. I'm in Sunnydale (Fish Hoek area). How about yourself?
    Slainte Mhaith!!

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    I'm actually in Town.

    Bit of a coward - afraid of death of traffic.

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