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    taste of beer varies bottle to bottle ?

    As per title, I often find odd bottles tasting way off from the rest. I am assuming I have a bottle cleaning problem ?
    Could there be any other causes?

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    But you've already confirmed it's the mold (black spots) on the bottom of some of the bottles ?

    I thought I had cleaned my quart bottles, but when I finished some of my less than wonderful beers I found black spots in bottom of bottle. I am guessing that these molds are the cause for my beers tasting different bottle to bottle.
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    How are you priming? If its in a priming bucket (even if you are priming bottles individually I guess) it could also be that the sugar is not mixing well and slight variances in carbonation. Which can affect perceived tastes.

    Plus, bottles stored differently, at different temperatures.

    If all of these are consistent, its probably just the tasty black spots. Soon you can try kombucha
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    [QUOTE=JIGSAW;33174]But you've already confirmed it's the mold (black spots) on the bottom of some of the bottles ?
    Yes , that is my conclusion. Some of the bottles have no visible black spots, so I guess it must be trace elements, too small to see.
    I think I must start all over with the cleaning thing for a base line start, I was "clean by eye is clean", but it seems there are still somethings left behind.
    I have noted that the variance is less per batch as I go forward, so perhaps I am beating it.
    Wash after wash so to say.

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    I've also found that brewshop caps don't fit some bottles properly.
    Jack Black and Windhoek draft 440 don't work.
    They don't seal properly and loose carbonation, inviting oxidation.

    I use SAB 750 quarts and brown craft 440 exclusively.

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    I used to avoid jack black and devil's peak. But if i take care when capping they both work. And ive used Windhoek throughout with no issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexBrew View Post
    I use SAB 750 quarts and brown craft 440 exclusively.
    Do the same as you
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    Quote Originally Posted by BeerHolic View Post
    Do the same as you

    Yup, I also have 24 Grolsch fliptops. Never had an issue. Trick is to thoroughly rinse and clean them after you've poured. I have my bottle tree in my scullery ready for the bottles as I pour. Once completely dry, I inspect and pack away in their crates and cover with a towel. Never had a bottle bomb or infection to date

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    Just got home to a very exited young man, my beer exploded.
    The pineapple brew is being stored in a shed till I distill it, my son is thrilled, beer every where and much animated warfare discussion by a 12 year old.

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    Haha.. Keeping the lad entertained.

    I pour, do the triple rinse to clean out the mini cake and then fill with water and leave outside. Day before bottling I put them through the dishwasher at hottest cycle and then next day a sanitise soak/rinse just before bottling.

    So far so good!

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