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    Buying a dish washer seems a better idea every day.

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    With my swingtops I never used to rinse after each and every pour. Once you on the 3rd beer, cleaning isn't on the mind anymore

    I usually leave about 50ml behind in the bottle ... close the top and put in crate.
    I usually filled 3 crates like this before I set aside a Saturday afternoon to clean.
    The i swirl the leftover and pour out ... give another rinse with hot water ... then fill with hot sodium-Percarbonate solution and let it sit (while having a beer)

    Then force clean with high pressure gun ... pour out and repeat with just clean water via pressure gun for a final rinse ... onto bottle tree to dry ... refill within a few days later after some sanitizer.

    Worked perfect for a good few years without issues.

    I used to like doing it that way and didn't mind bottling, but after I got my first keg, i didn't want to ever bottle again
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    I honestly think if I go kegging I'll get rid of all my bottles except my swingtops. Then I'll keg, carbonate and bottle from the keg into the bottles for a few bottles so I can carry them where I need to go. It just seems awesome.

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    Yeah i would love that but then i would say you need 2 to 3 kegs.
    Ive got the blonde kegged.
    Ive got lemon wine bottled and
    Ive got a pale that is going to finish fermentation today and noware to put it coz i also thought i dont need a lot of bottles anymore

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