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    Course correction

    I've a few things to finalize and am shifting my focus to achieve these, social media frivolity is first on the chopping block. I'm not entirely gone yet, but am taking a backseat. Going silent is a bit d*ckish, hence this post, I prefer to be c*ntish.

    I'm sure my endearing personality won't be missed

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    Ag no man! I quit FB for that same reason years ago but this forum i use as inspiration so ive kept it. I need people with strong opinions around as i tend to be too understanding sometimes. I hope you still visit now and then! You will be missed

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    I have benefited a lot from your input on this forum, thanks for that. It would be really sad to not have you around, even if it is just to hand out medals now and then.

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    Sometimes one needs a time-out from certain things in order to concentrate/focus on other, probably more important matters.

    We'll surely miss your Glencairn seaview beerporn shots.

    I quitted FB for probably the same reason. I surely hope one day I don't have to re-evaluate my newly beer brewing habbits.

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    I hope this doesnt mean the medal competition is cancelled!? Fly well little bird. See you soon.

    Wait, who is going to give me distilling advice now?
    "Dudddde...Hold my beer!".... ; "I wonder what will happen if I ...."

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    Always enjoy your input, advise and very much "in good jest" comments. don't be surprised if i rock up at your doorstep, i frequent a particularly noisy place around the corner from you.

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    I shall miss you

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