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    New mash tun filter system

    So, after some of you suggested the dangers of non food grade materials used in brewing I decided to make myself a new copper filtration system and ditch the pvc electrical conduit. So, got 2m of 15mm copper, some soldering fittings and a new brass threaded bar (instead of the plastic one).

    After some measuring, cutting and fitting, I got this:

    Then grinded grooves in there for drainage.

    Close up. I still need to pay some attention to the burrs. Then looking foreward to using it the weekend.

    With hindsight I should have cut the grooves first, then reamed the inside to rid the burrs, then soldered the elbows.. I could still take it appart I suppose, heat the elbows and take them appart, then clean up the insides and solder back.
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    Looks good! I wouldn't separate it if I were you. Maybe wire brush in the grooves, rinse well, and then just use a strainer when you strain out for the first couple of brews
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    I would just stick a hosepipe fitting on the one opening and run water through it for a while.

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    Thanks Langchop, Toxxyc. Yes sounds like an easier idea.
    I went through the process in my head and realised taking those solder fittings appart is going to be a mission as I heat the one end, the other end is cooling down and the solder going solid again.. then the reverse putting it back. I've used a small electronics screwdriver and nipped off most of the burrs. I also soaked it in some vinegar to rid the soldering acid-fux.. but will run some water under pressure through it. Also though that if any copper bits would come out then it would sink to the bottom of my drain (wort capture) bucket, then I leave rhe crumbs behind when pouring it back into my boil kettle.

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