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    Beer bottle storage.

    So I know not everyone still bottles but I find myself in the bottling stage of the hobby and I was wondering what do you guys use to store your bottles in? I've been using plastic tote's that I got from the plastic store but It's massive for beer bottle and takes up an excessive amount of space?

    wondering is there a cheap place where someone can source crates for specific size bottle mostly 500ml, 440ml or 340ml? or any creative solution?

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    I used the crates the bottles comes in when I still bottled ... then you just stack them ontop of one another.

    I see on YT the homebrewers across the pond sometimes build cupboards ... it's amazing how many bottles you can get into a smallish corner cupboard build into a vacant spot inside a garage
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    I saw a case of pints at a friends place about a year ago. Can't remember exactly, but think he still exchanges it. Will ask him what brand and where he does that.

    I use 750ml bottles and the case they come in, but also have 440 with the cardboard box they were bought in, an upgrade would simplify it.

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    Crates from Makro

    I use these crates from Makro, relatively cheap and I have six that I have had for all my brewing years (about 7) without mishap. Just put a sheet of cardboard in between them and you can stack them nicely.
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    I use 750 SAB bottles with their crates..
    The 440's I use an old Amstel 375ml x 24 crate. The current 330/340 SAB crates, the compartments just just too small. You can fit some 440s in there but not all 24. These crates work ok to store the bottles upside down in.. Think the crates are something like R15-20 from bottle stores. Expect to see confusion from the bottle store teller when you only want an empty crate .. they might get the manager for you to explain why you want an empty crate..

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    I use 750ml normal beer be bottles. Store them in their crates or just as they are.

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