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    I use a blowtie spunding valve which then feeds into a bottle of santiser.
    Being under pressure it never sucks anything back at it goes from around 14psi at 20c to around 8psi at 2c.

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    I use an airlock as well, for both normal fermentation and cold crashing. BUT, I fill it with vodka. As far as I'm concerned, anything that gets through that is okay with me.

    As Jigsaw said, KISS is best.

    Even when bottling, there is going to be a small amount of normal air that gets in while you are filling the bottles, but nothing substantial enough to affect the beer in the short term.
    Slainte Mhaith!!

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    My original post was about preventing sanitiser/liquid sanitiser suckback from the blowoff tube recipticle while cold crashing.

    I know there are different techniques and methods that may work better - but blowoff tube is what I use.

    So a discussion about suckback prevention is quite valid. Anyway, I listed 2 solutions in my original post which I will try and apply.

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    Just a question, do you really think that sanitiser suckback will suck all the way up past the bend and into the fermenter? Honest question, it seems like a lot of movement to me.

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